Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Making a start

OK.  This is just a preliminary blog to see how things go.  I want to link this to my website to replace the Latest News section, which I didn't manage to keep up with regularly.  I hope things will change now.  i am just starting my new William Falconer novel, which is called "Rain of Blood" for the moment, but don't quote me on that.  When I announced a working title before, and then changed it for the actual book, the working title haunted me for years.  People were trying to track it down, little knowing it didn't exist.  Or rather, it did, but by another name.
Anyway, "Rain of Blood" takes its name from part of Merlin's prophecies, and the book uses the prophecies as a theme throughout.  Someone is murdering people in Oxford, and noone can escape because the constable, Peter Bullock, has locked all the town gates.  The red plague - small pox - is in the town, and he is trying to prevent its spread beyond the walls.  However, not everyone applauds his altruistic efforts, and with a murderer on the loose as well as a plague, panic is spreading.
I hope the book will appear next year, if I can stick to my schedule.  I am working in Hastings at the moment, but need to go to Cyprus to sell my house there.  Any reasonable offer accepted!

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  1. Hello Mr. Morson,

    It's a pleasure to meet you - even in text form. Today I've read your 5th book in the Falconer series (if I'm counting right): Falconer and the Great Beast.

    I've had the luck to find books 1 through 5 in my local library and have enjoyed each one. I plan to reread the latter 3 currently in my possession. Your writing style never gets old to me.

    The new book sounds very intriguing as well and I wish well, both with sticking to your schedule and finding a buyer for your house.

    Cheers from Barbados. ^_^