Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Falconer rides off into the sunset

The last Falconer should be available soon, published by Ostara Publishing, who produce my back catalogue in Print on Demand and ebook format.  They are now moving into original publications with Falconer and the Rain of Blood.  I'll tell you more when I know the details.
My mind is preoccupied at present with directing the play 'Crown Matrimonial' at the Stables Theatre, Hastings.  Performance dates are 12 to 20 April - if you are in the neighbourhood, do come along.  One of my cast was taken ill yesterday with only three days to go to opening night!  I won't say panic ensued because it didn't - merely some cursing and swearing and the twisting of arms.  The show must go on.
The Cyprus situation has been interesting viewed from the safety of England.  As you may know from reading this blog, my wife and I lived there for a number of years until just recently.  We got out almost in time, as some of our money is still there, and won't be extractable for a while.  We will have to play a waiting game.  I feel sorry for people who have life-savings in Cypriot banks who could see it all disappearing.  You don't imagine that can happen when you open a bank account, do you?  It just shows what ephemeral stuff money is - mostly a piece of paper promising to pay the face value of the note.  From my researches into the Mongol Empire, I learned that the Mongol/Chinese culture was responsible for introducing us to the bank note.  Kubilai Khan wanted all the gold and jewels that merchants had in his empire and gave them bank notes in return.  Did all our present problems start with him then?  My next contribution to the Medieval Murderers book 'Seven Deadly Sins' explores the banking crash of the 14th century.  The story is called 'Greed'.  See, you thought it was a modern phenomenon, didn't you?
I must go now, as I have to paint some walls, and clean the carpet in Queen Mary's rooms in Marlborough House.  Purely in the imaginary world recreated on stage at the The Stables Theatre, of course.